Ohio Tournament Registration Information

Event Registration Overview

Advanced registration is required for all events by the stated deadlines. Ohio FTC, at its discretion, may accept registration requests after the registration period is closed. Tournaments have a limited capacity. Teams will either be placed on a registered list or a wait list based on the number of spots available. A tournament capacity may be adjusted at any time during the season by Ohio FTC. Registration for kick-off events, scrimmages, and workshops may be requested. However, the registration process will be the responsibility of the local event organizer.

The system is not first-come, first-served. A random selection element will apply if there are more teams with the same preference than places available at a tournament. The link was emailed out to eligible teams on October 24, 2023. Championship registration will be automatic based on the teams that advance from Qualifying Tournaments. Registration for late-added (after November 5, 2023) teams will be worked on a case-by-case basis.

To register for an Ohio FTC Qualifying Tournament, please contact or Brenda Ronnebaum.

  • 01 Tournament Registration Instructions
    How to Register

    If your team still needs to register for an official Ohio Qualifying Tournament, please email Bre or Brenda.

    Registration Payment Methods

    Please see for payment options and instructions.

  • Cost of Tournament Registration

    2023-2024 Tournament Fee
    $100 for 1 play
    $200 for 2 plays
    $300 for 3 plays

    Out of State Teams

    • For the 2023-2024 season, Ohio will not be accepting out of state teams for registration in Qualifying Tournaments.
    Payment Options
    • Purchase Order (PO)
      • Send your PO to Jessica Johnson
      • If you plan to combine multiple tournament registration payments on one PO, please let Jessica know when you send it.
      • Invoices will be sent out AFTER all your tournament placements are complete - unless otherwise requested.
      • Please put the Team Number on the PO. If you are paying for more than one team with the same PO, please list each team on the PO.
      • Please issue Purchase Orders to the following:
        2601 MISSION POINT BLVD, STE 300
        BEAVERCREEK, OH 45431
    • PayPal
    • Check
      • After all the tournament placements are complete - send a check to:
        2261 MONAHAN WAY, BUILDING 196
        WPAFB, OH 45433-7542
    Due Dates

    The tournament registration fee is due three (3) weeks after the event registration confirmation email or two (2) weeks prior to the tournament, whichever is earlier. If the tournament registration fee is not received by the due date, the team will be removed from the registered list and the open spot will be offered to the next eligible team. If the team is removed from a Registered List with less than two (2) weeks before the tournament date and the slot vacated by the team cannot be filled, the team will still be responsible for the event registration.