Ohio Championship Tournament

The Ohio FIRST® Tech Challenge remote Championship for the 2021-2022 season took place February 25 - March 6, 2022. Thirty-six (36) teams championed the game and advanced to the State Championship this season. Teams put in months of work to design, build, and program their robots as well as prepare to wow judges in their team interviews. It was a week of competition and celebration for all the teams, coaches, mentors and volunteers who took part in this event. Congratulations teams!

View the Ohio FTC Awards and Closing Ceremony

Team List and Official Results

2022 Ohio Award Winners
Inspire Award

6133 - The Nuts!

Top Ranked

17978 – Robo Kai (Fenwick)

Think Award

10464 - The Bionic Tigers

Connect Award

8581 - Ædificatores

Innovate Award

17978 – Robo Kai (Fenwick)

Control Award

8719 - Quantum Leap

Motivate Award

5040 - Nuts and Bolts

Judges' Choice Award

16657 - We DID Start the Fire

Compass Award

10464 - The Bionic Tigers

Promote Award

16657 - We DID Start the Fire