Ohio FTC Alumni

Who are FIRST® Alumni?

FIRST Alumni are graduates of high school level FIRST programs (FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST Robotics Competition). Participants in these two FIRST programs automatically become FIRST Alumni after graduation from high school.

FIRST Alumni are the best examples of the benefits of FIRST programs. They play an important role not only by passing on and utilizing the skills they learned from participating in FIRST programs, but also by continuing the important mission of FIRST mentoring, coaching and volunteering within their communities.

FIRST Alumni are also more likely to enroll in engineering programs in college and the majority of FIRST Alumni find their place in a STEM-related field as either a student or professional.

FIRST Alumni

Ohio FIRST Alumni Hall of Fame

We want to recognize our FIRST Alumni who are excelling professionally, with a philanthropic organization and/or in their FIRST involvement. We are looking for Alumni who are solving problems, helping others or teaching the next generation the importance of STEM.

Ohio Alumni Hall of Fame Class of 2020

To be considered for the Ohio FIRST Alumni Hall of Fame, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. As a student, the nominee participated on a FIRST team in Ohio for at least 1 year
  2. As a student, the nominee participated on a FIRST team anywhere for at least a year, and is now a resident of Ohio, affiliated with a FIRST team in Ohio or regularly volunteers for roles at FIRST events in Ohio.
  3. As an Alumni, this person has a sustained track record of contributing professionally and/or on a volunteer basis with one or more philanthropic organizations, which may or may not include FIRST.

To be considered for the Ohio FTC Hall of Fame, the nominee must have been associated with the FIRST Tech Challenge Program as a Team Member, Team Mentor or FTC Tournament Volunteer. It is anticipated no more than 3 nominees will be selected as FTC Hall of Famers in any given year.

The next nomination window will open in January 2021.