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Our WPAFB volunteers offer various STEM presentations in their fields of expertise for your students. We can present these in-person or remotely using Zoom or Google Meet.

Presentations include live interaction and teaching while demonstrating an activity and/or running an experiment, all while hosting an educational Q&A session.

Materials for your students are not necessary for these demonstrations.

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Demonstrations Videos Key Concepts
Candle Seesaw   physics, gravity, force, lever, mass
Cucumber Chemistry   water absorption
Density through Displacement volume, density, displacement
Distances between the Planets in our Solar System   solar system, planets, scale model
Fire Science/Fire Safety physics and chemistry of fire, extinguishing a fire, safety during a fire, how fires start, flammable liquids and gases, grease fires, fire protection engineering
Elephant Toothpaste   chemical reactions
Fire Snake   chemical reactions
Holes That Don't Leak   air pressure, water pressure, surface tension
How big are the Planets in our Solar System   solar system, planets, scale model
Lava Lamp   chemical reactions, carbonation, temperature
Lemon Volcano   chemical reactions
Lighten the Load with a Pulley   simple machines, forces, tension, load, weight, friction
Mars Helicopters   lift, aerodynamics, weight, gravity
Optics light, lenses, optics, liquid crystals, lasers
Parachutes   parachute uses, parachute designs
Population Immunity   immunity, infectious disease
Robot, Make Me a Sandwich   robotics, programming
Slime Chemistry   polymers, physical properties, reactions
Why Won't It Mix?   granular material, mixture, separation, granular convection, Brazil nut effect
YES! This is Rocket Science

Newton's Laws, aerodynamics, rocket stability, types of rockets