This lesson begins with a lesson about the sun, moving into a discussion about the sun's rays, harmful UV light, and how to protect our skin. We use UV beads to show the effect of UV rays. Students will then use the UV beads to create and keep bracelets or key chains that react to UV rays. (Appropriate for most elementary grade levels).

Lesson Time: 45-60 minutes

Student Activity 1: Three students act out the movements of the sun, moon, and earth.

Adult Demonstration 1: Sunscreen effectiveness is tested using UV beads and different SPFs.

Adult Demonstration 2: The ability of tinted car windows to protect from the sun is demonstrated.

Student Activity 2: Students construct a bracelet from UV-beads to work as a UV sensor.

Science Standards:
K.ESS.2: The moon, sun and stars can be observed at different times of the day or night.
1.ESS.1: The sun is the principal source of energy.
5.ESS.1: The solar system includes the sun and all celestial bodies that orbit the sun. Each planet in the solar system has unique characteristics.
5.ESS.2: The sun is one of many stars that exist in the universe.
5.ESS.3: Most of the cycles and patterns of motion between the Earth and sun are predictable.