Reverse Engineering is easily explained as working backwards - in order to best understand how something works, take the object apart. The process allows engineers to create new products and to improve existing products. Student teams will deconstruct a device as they write directions for a different group to put it back together. (Most appropriate for grades 4-10. This lesson can be adjusted in complexity for younger grade levels.)

In addition to meeting science and technology standards, this activity helps foster teamwork and communication skills.

Lesson Time: 45-60 minutes

Student Activity 1: Students will practice writing directions in reverse.

Student Activity 2: Student teams will be given a device to deconstruct, while writing directions for another group to put it back together. Teams will switch devices and follow the directions written by a different group.

Group work: Students will work in groups of 3-4 students. In order to save time, teachers are asked to create the groups before our Wizard arrives.

Science Standards:
4.PS.2: Energy can be transferred from one location to another or can be transformed from one form to another.
7.PS.4: Energy can be transferred through a variety of ways.

High School Standards:
PS.EW.5: Electricity: Movement of electrons, Current, Electric potential (voltage), Resistors, and transfer of energy
P.EM.4: DC circuits: Ohm's law, Series circuits, Parallel circuits, Mixed circuits, Applying conservation of charge and energy (junction and loop rules)