This lesson focuses on what a magnet is, how they work, and what force is. Students will be introduced to vocabulary and be involved in several activities that will allow them to experiment with magnets. (Appropriate for younger/primary grade levels.)

Lesson Time: 60-80 min

Student Activity 1: Student will receive an Exploring Box, and a plastic ring of different metal washers, and a magnet. They will have time to test the items in the box and on the plastic rings to see which ones are magnetic.

Student Activity 2: This activity demonstrates the idea of opposing forces push and pull. Volunteers will come to the front of the room to demonstrate, following the Wizard’s directions. Activity is followed by a concept discussion.

Student Activity 3: Each student will use a wand magnet to search for magnetic materials in the room. They will be challenged to find three materials in the room that are magnetic, and one that isn’t. They will be asked to try and find something different than their classmates.

Student Activity 4: Students will receive 2 donut magnets, and a pencil, to experiment with and test how the magnets attract and repel.

Student Activity 5: Students will experiment with the 2 donut magnets and iron filings.

Student Activity 6: Each student will use a donut magnet tied to a piece of dental floss and experiment with a compass.

Adult Demonstration 2: Our Wizard will show the students the difference between a magnets’ behavior as it is dropped through a plastic and then a copper tube.

Science Standards:
K.PS.1: Objects and materials can be sorted and described by their properties.
1.PS.2: Objects can be moved in a variety of ways, such as straight, zigzag, circular and back and forth. The motion of an object can be affected by pushing or pulling. A push or pull is a force that can make an object move faster, slower or go in a different direction.
2.PS.1: Forces change the motion of an object. Some forces act without touching, such as using a magnet to move an object or objects falling to the ground.
3.PS.3: Heat, electrical energy, light, sound and magnetic energy are forms of energy. Energy is the ability to cause motion or create change.