This lesson covers the basics of Genetics. Students will discuss genotypes and phenotypes, inheritance, dominant and recessive genes, and alleles. Students will study the inheritance traits of the fruit fly and will practice with Punnett squares. (Most appropriate for grade levels 8-12.)

Lesson Time: 80-85

Student Activity 1: This activity has students working in small groups as they learn about dominant and recessive genes as they learn which traits allow a certain grasshopper species to survive.

Student Activity 2: This activity allows students the opportunity to use what they know about dominant and recessive traits as they fill in Punnett squares using information from parent fruit flies.

Group work: Students will work in groups of 2-3 students. In order to save time, teachers are asked to create the groups before our Wizard arrives.

Science Standards:
8.LS.2: Every organism alive today comes from a long line of ancestors who reproduced successfully every generation.
8.LS.3: The characteristics of an organism are a result of inherited traits received from parent(s).

High School Standards:
B.H.1: Cellular genetics
B.H.2: Structure and function of DNA in cells
B.H.3: Genetic mechanisms and inheritance
B.H.4: Mutations
B.H.5: Modern genetics