This lesson introduces students to what Engineers do and the Engineering Design Process, a series of steps that engineers use to help solve problems. Our Wizard will take the students through the cycle of these steps so that they see the importance of one step of the process leading into, and effecting another. In addition, students will be given a challenge and will practice the essential engineering skill of designing within constraints, building, testing, and redesigning a prototype. (Most appropriate for grade levels 4-8.)

Lesson Time: 60-75 minutes

Student Activity: Design teams will work to make a prototype, build, test, and implement their design of a rescue litter. They must work within the given restrictions and budget, making use of the engineering design process.

Group work: Students should work in groups of 4. In order to save time, teachers are asked to create the
groups before our Wizard arrives.

Technology Standards: STRAND: Design and Technology
Topic 1: Define and describe technology, including its core concepts of systems, resources, requirements, processes, controls, optimization and trade-offs.
Topic 2: Identify a problem and use an engineering design process to solve the problem.
Topic 3: Demonstrate that solutions to complex problems require collaboration, interdisciplinary understanding, and systems thinking.
Topic 4: Evaluate designs using functional, aesthetic and creative elements.