This lesson is a follow-up to Cube-lets 1. It will give students the opportunity to complete more challenges on their own. Students should have already had the Cube-lets 1 Lesson (a review of electricity, currents, circuits and energy; as well as an intro to Cube-lets with some brief challenges).

Cube-lets 1 can be skipped if students do not need the Electricity review and already know enough about Cube-lets to jump in and do the Challenges without a lot of instruction. (Most appropriate for grades 4-8. High School students would benefit as well.)

Lesson Time: 45-60 minutes

Student Activities: All activities are additional build challenges that extend upon the concepts in Cube-lets 1.

Group work: Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 (a total of 6 groups is best). In order to save time, teachers are asked to create the groups before our Wizard arrives.

Science Standards:
3.PS.3: Heat, electrical energy, light, sound and magnetic energy are forms of energy.
4.PS.2: Energy can be transferred from one location to another or can be transformed from one form to another. Electric circuits require a complete loop of conducting materials through which electrical energy can be transferred. Electrical energy in circuits can be transformed to other forms of energy, including light, heat, sound and motion.
6.PS.4: An object’s motion can be described by its speed and the direction in which it is moving.
7.PS.4: Energy can be transferred through a variety of ways.
8.PS.2: Forces can act to change the motion of objects.

Technology Standards: STRAND: Design and Technology
Topic 3: Demonstrate that solutions to complex problems require collaboration, interdisciplinary understanding, and systems thinking.
Topic 4: Evaluate designs using functional, aesthetic and creative elements.