Advanced Optics - Rochester Cloak

Students should already have a basic understanding of EM radiation.

This lesson will introduce students to geometric, or ray optics, and their applications to cloaking technology. Students will build their own cloaking device! The lesson will include a review of electromagnetic waves, discuss reflection, refraction, and diffraction and teach them about optics and lenses (e.g. concave vs convex, focal length). It is an exciting way to introduce wave properties and light phenomena. (Appropriate for High School.)

Use of PowerPoint is necessary with this lesson.

Lesson Time: 45-60 minutes

Student Activity: Students will work in groups of 3-4 to construct a Rochester Cloak and explore how it allows them to manipulate light. In order to save time, teachers are asked to create the groups before our Wizard arrives.

Science Standards: HS
PS.EW.3: Waves: Refraction, reflection, diffraction
P.W.1: Wave properties: Reflection, refraction, interference, diffraction
P.W.2: Light phenomena: Ray diagrams (propagation of light), law of reflection, Snell's law