Start a Team

Step 1: Form Your Team(s)

Recruit 2 to 6 children between the ages of 6-10 interested in building, researching, or being part of a team. Have more than 6 children interested? Don’t worry; one coach can have multiple teams.

Step 2: Register Your Team(s)

Register with FIRST®

If this is your first time registering a team, you will need to create an account prior to login by visiting the website above. Returning teams can register by logging into their FIRST® Dashboard. Registration is open from May 2023 until March 2024. The full FIRST® LEGO® League Explore experience can be completed in just a few months so you can start at any time.

Step 3: Order Your Materials

2023-2024 Masterpiece Product Pricing

Each individually registered team will receive a LEGO Explore Set (~700 LEGO elements, including those needed to build the Cargo Connect Explore Model), Team Meeting Guide (2), and Engineering Notebooks (6). You have the option to order a Spike Essential set at a discount through the team registration site after you have paid the registration fee.

Step 4: Begin the Challenge

Challenge Resources

Check out the Challenge Resources above. You will need a place to hold your team meetings. Ask a local school if they have a free classroom available, or a library. You may also ask friends, family, and team members’ families if they have additional space to host meetings.

Step 5: Attend a FIRST LEGO League Explore Event

Events provide the opportunity for a team to showcase their LEGO model and Show Me poster, in a non-competitive environment. These are organized in a variety of ways:

  • Display at a friend’s or family’s house;
  • Display at a local library, school, or gymnasium;
  • Host a larger event with several teams to display teams' in a public venue.

Check to see if there is a local FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival in your area by checking out the Ohio Festivals.