Ohio Festivals

Event Information and Event Coordinator emails will become hyper-linked once the details of the Festival have been confirmed. Please check back frequently for updates.

Events will continue to be added to this schedule. Please check back frequently for updates.

Event Date Location Event Coordinator Registration
Solon FIRST LEGO League Explore Festival  
Astrid Moise  
Sycamore MachBusters FLL Festival  
Ryan Shillington  
FLL Explore KSU College of Aeronautics & Engineering Expo 2024  
Elizabeth (Liz) Crawley  
Dayton FLL Explore Festival  
Tara Dore  
Loveland Robotics FLL Explore Festival  
Christine Rasmussen  
Mansfield FLL Explore Festival  

Christina Dotson  

Coaches, remember you MUST bring a printed copy of your Team Roster from your Dashboard to the Festivals you attend. Presenting your roster shows that all your team members have electronically signed the FIRST Consent and Release Form.

Festival FAQs

  • Q. Who can register for an official Ohio Festival?

    A. Only FIRST® LEGO® League Explore teams that have registered for the current season may participate in official Ohio Festivals.

  • A. During a Festival volunteer Reviewers will visit each team for about 5-10 minutes to ask questions and learn about the team’s Show Me poster, LEGO model, and research. There is usually a team building activity for teams to do while waiting for their turn with the Reviewers. At Festivals that are held at venues also hosting a FIRST LEGO League Challenge tournament, the FIRST LEGO League Explore teams will often be escorted through the pits to see the FIRST LEGO League team’s robots at some point during the day. The Festival concludes with a High-Five Ceremony where all teams receive an award based on their strengths.

  • A. The registration process is handled individually by each Festival. Make sure and read the Festival description for details on how to register.

  • A. The team registration fee is determined individually by each Festival. Please read the Festival description for the team cost. The cost is always per team and not per student.

  • A. Your teams is allowed to attend as many Festivals as you would like. You are also welcome to attend a Festival as a spectator, and events are free and open to the public.

  • A. All of the official Festival information, including event sizes, location, registration information, etc., will be housed on the top of this page. You will be able to click on the name of each event to get to information about that Festival. As the season progresses, more information related to each Festival will be posted for the convenience of teams and spectators. Check back to your event site frequently to find updates.

  • A. There is a possibility that more Festivals will be added between now and the end of the season, but it is not a guarantee. If you see an Festival you think your team would like to attend, register ASAP to reserve your spot. If you are unable to attend a Festival your team is still encouraged to host a family and friends night to share all your season’s hard work!