FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Team Resources

What does every FIRST LEGO League Challenge team need?
  • 2 or more adult coaches (no special technical experience is required)
  • 2-10 students ages 9 to 14
  • A meeting space that can accommodate a 4’ by 8’ table
  • LEGO Mindstorms or Spike Prime robot set
  • LEGO Challenge Set (formerly known as Field Setup Kit)
  • SUPERPOWERED Challenge, Updates, and Resources
Ohio’s Season

Team registration opens in May. Each year, the FIRST LEGO League Challenge season challenge information is released in August. After the challenge release, teams spend the next several weeks building, designing, and programming their LEGO Mindstorm robot or Spike Prime robot; identifying a problem within the challenge theme, developing a solution to this problem, and sharing this solution with others; and developing their teamwork skills within the framework of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge Core Values.

The tournament season in Ohio begins in mid-November, with all Regional Qualifying events throughout the state. The top teams will advance to the District Qualifying events that are held across the state in January. The top teams from the District Events will advance to the Ohio Championship with is typically held in February at the Ervin J. Nutter Center. The Champion’s Award Winner from the Ohio Championship will earn a spot at FIRST LEGO League Challenge World Festival typically held at the end of April.

How often do teams meet?

There is no standard time commitment, but teams should be prepared to meet at least once per week throughout the season. Most teams meet at least twice per week for 60-90 minutes per meeting. Coaches and students often spend some time outside of practice working on their project, presentation materials, or other team needs. Many teams meet year-round. Most teams affiliated with a school meet after school and treat FIRST LEGO League Challenge like a sports team or academic club. (Some schools even offer letters for FIRST teams!) As the Regional Qualifying tournaments approach, many teams do choose to meet more frequently to prepare.

Ready to register your team?

Begin by registering to be a coach. The two or more coaches for the team will need to become familiar with our Youth Protection Program (YPP) and authorize a background check when registering.

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