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Group Work - Build a Roller Coaster

This lesson will give students the opportunity to use communication, critical-thinking, and decision-making skills. Their groups will brainstorm and design a roller coaster and then build and test a prototype.

This would be a great lesson to schedule before our Engineering Design Process and Reverse Engineering lessons.
(Most appropriate for grade levels 3-8.)

Lesson Time: 45-55 minutes

Student Activity 1: Each team will problem solve as they create a roller coaster that will carry their ping pong ball (or marble) at least the distance of 1 foot, and have it land in a cup at the end. They will be challenged to see if they can increase the distance or use multiple turns in their plan and design.

Group work: Students will work in groups of 3-4 students. In order to save time, teachers are asked to create the groups before our Wizard arrives.

Energy can be transferred from one location to another or can be transformed from one form to another.
6.PS.3: There are two categories of energy: kinetic and potential.
8.PS.4: An object's motion can be described by its speed and the direction in which it is moving.
8.PS.2: Forces can act to change the motion of ojects.


PS.FM: Forces and motion lesson
P.M: Motion
P.M: Forces, momentum and motion lessons