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We invite you to explore the Flights of the WOW! program - resources for teachers, parents, and students.

WOW in the Classroom

This Flight offers WPAFB experts to visit your classroom. With all of the necessary materials, we will present an in-person STEM lesson full of hands-on activities.

Our goals include helping teachers meet STEM objectives in their curriculum, as well as introducing students to Air Force personnel and exciting STEM career ideas.

Lessons typically limited to a 35 mile radius of WPAFB.

WOW on Wheels

If having one of our Wizards visit your classroom doesn’t work for you, you can borrow the materials you need, and present the lesson yourself.

You can also borrow STEM items to use in your classroom…we offer things like beakers and graduated cylinders, microscopes and magnifying glasses, K'Nex kits and periodic table tiles, and much more.

WOW! on Wheels can be delivered to you and we’ll pick it up from you when you’re done.

Deliveries typically limited to a 35 mile radius of WPAFB. Deliveries will be made on Thursdays and pick-ups on the following Wednesday.

Wow! TV

WOW! TV for teachers offers videos of our WOW! in the Classroom lessons. This resource is now presented in a brand new format! 

You can use our video with your students instead of having a volunteer come in, and instead of presenting it yourself.

The video was recorded with us teaching the complete lesson, exactly what a Wizard would teach and do during an in-person visit. As we teach, and give directions, we'll tell you when to pause the video so students have time to complete the hands-on activities. As you plan to use the video in your classroom, schedule a delivery of materials through WOW! on Wheels.

We will deliver the materials necessary for the lesson to all teachers within 35 miles of WPAFB. Teachers further than 35 miles can request a list of materials that you would need to gather.

WOW! TV for Kids

This Flight offers short and easy videos of STEM activities for kids and families to watch or do at home. They can all be completed using common household items.

With WOW! TV for Kids and WOW! DIY, we are able to bring easy at-home activities to students of all age ranges, interests, and academic backgrounds.


This Flight offers great STEM activities for students and families to do at home.  All of the materials are easy to find, or might be things students already have at home.

Our DIY videos all have an activity sheet that you can print for easy to follow directions.

With WOW! TV for Kids and WOW! DIY, we are able to bring easy at-home activities to students of all age ranges, interests, and academic backgrounds.

WOW! Teaching Tools

We connect you to ideas and activities for more STEM learning.

Search through resources posted by others to motivate and interest your students and children.

WOW! Remote Lessons

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and local regulations, we bring you WOW! Remote Lessons.

We offer our WOW! in the Classroom presentations to you through video communication without sending a visitor into your classroom. Our Wizard can lead the lesson from here in the WOW! office via Zoom or Google Meet.

If you are within a 35 mile radius of WPAFB we can deliver materials for your students to be using as we are teaching.

If you are outside the 35 mile radius of WPAFB we can still schedule a WOW! Remote Lesson with your class. We can send you a list of materials to gather, or we can present as a demonstration for your students to watch.

WOW! Homeschool

The WOW! program now offers all of our teacher resources to Homeschooling families and groups.

WOW! Demonstrations

Our volunteers will run a STEM presentation for your students.

This includes live interaction while demonstrating an activity and/or running an experiment, all while hosting an educational Q&A session.

Hands-on activities and use of materials not included.

With questions, or for more information, contact the Program Manager: Angel.