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We invite you to explore the 4 Flights of the WOW! program.



Flight #1: WOW! in the Classroom

WOW in the Classroom

This is the WOW! you know and have used before. We offer WPAFB experts to visit your classroom and present demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Our goals include helping teachers meet STEM objectives in their curriculum, as well as introducing students to Air Force personnel and exciting STEM career ideas.

Demos typically limited to a 35 mile radius of WPAFB. 


Flight #2: WOW! on Wheels

WOW on Wheels

If having one of our Wizards visit your classroom doesn’t work for you, you can borrow the materials you need, and present the demo yourself.

You can also borrow STEM items to use in your classroom…we offer things like beakers and graduated cylinders to microscopes and wind tunnels.

WOW! on Wheels can be delivered to you and we’ll pick it up from you when you’re done.

Deliveries typically limited to a 35 mile radius of WPAFB. Deliveries will be made on Mondays and pick-ups on Thursdays.


Flight #3: WOW! TV


The future of WOW! is WOW! TV. We will offer many of our demos through online videos so that you can use them as you decide what demo to schedule, or learn how to run the demo yourself.


Flight #4: WOW! DIY


We will offer activity sheets and videos for quick do-it-yourself activities that students and parents can do at home.