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WOW! DIY – A free resource for parents and families. WOW! DIY gives you quick and easy STEM activities to do at home.

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Bottle Music

Experiment with the science of sound!

Balancing Act

Try these fun experiments to learn about center of gravity.

Budding Bacteria

Grow bacterial cultures after preparing your own home made petri dishes.


Burst Your Bubble

Blowing bubbles is fun for all ages, try our experiments to learn more about how they are formed and then mix your own homemade bubble solution!

Candy Crystals

Crystals are beautiful, but how are they formed?


Catapult Chaos

Build a catapult of your own.


Coding with Cards

Crack the code! Set the conditions to guess the card.

Compost Challenge

Learn how to build your own worm composting farm to better understand the humble worm’s role in our ecosystems!

Cool Chromatography

Perform fun chromatography experiments with paper and a flower using the power of capillary action.


Density Diversions

Create your own density jar.


DNA Extraction

Break open a cell and separate its DNA.


Egg-cellent Experiment

Crack the case of what happens to an eggshell when it’s exposed to vinegar.


Have a blast experimenting with erosion. Build your structure up and wear it down!

Filter Fix

Build your own water filtration system.


Float Your Boat

Have you ever wondered how a boat floats? Submerge yourself in the flowing experiments to better understand this physical phenomena!

Floating Ink

Discover what is so special about dry erase markers!


Learn to build and experiment with your own model hovercraft.


Infectious Incident

Gain a better understanding of how easily disease can spread! Learn some ways to prevent this spread and test the effectiveness of wearing a mask.

Lasers and Lenses

Using Jell-o and a laser pointer you have the power to bend light!

Invisible Ink

Have you ever wanted to leave a secret message? Using the power of chemistry you can!

Lasers and Lenses

Using Jell-o and a laser pointer you have the power to bend light!

Magic Sand

Create your own magic sand that will hold its shape in water.


Marble Print

Create a special piece of artwork.


Model Lung Activity

Create a model lung that demonstrates what happens when you take a deep breath.


Nature Adventure

Nature is full of living and non-living things. Make a nature journal and take a walk in your neighborhood to explore the diversity of the things around you!

Observing Osmosis

Use gummy bears to experiment with osmosis, a process that occurs in our bodies every day!

Parachute Planning

Build and test a variety of different shaped parachutes. Then use what you learn to design your own!

pH Indicator

Create a pH indicator to find out if substances in your house are acids or bases.


Probability Penny

What are the odds that after tossing a coin in the air, it lands heads up?

Rainbow Density

Layer different liquids by how dense they are.


Random Roll with DIY Dice

Make your own dice from paper and then dabble with game design while testing your math skills!

Reaction Time

Test your reaction time. Use your sight, your hearing, and your sense of touch.


Robotic Arm End Effector

Build your own robotic arm, like the one used by NASA.


Rock Cycle Research

Learn about geology and the rock cycle! Go on an adventure to gather and then analyze your own rock collection!

Sunscreen Science

Learn about SPF and how sunscreen can protect you from the sun’s harmful ray’s. Do an experiment to test which sunscreen works best!

Simple Magnetic Motor

Build your own magnetic motor.


Simple Spectroscopy

Build an instrument that will allow you to investigate the different types of light around you!

Sizzling Solar Oven

Harness the power of the sun to make your very own solar oven!

Slime Time

Make your own slime.


Superb Spin

Create your own spinning top and experiment to discover how it can stay upright and spin in such a spectacular fashion!

Time in the Sun

Build your own sundial and learn more about how they work!

Water Works

The water cycle is essential to life! Learn about the process and how important it is to our planet.

Windy Weather

Blow your friends away by building your own anemometer. Use it to measure wind speed.