Math Resources

One of our volunteers assembled this list of science and technology educational links and has shared it with us.  Now, we're sharing it with you!  Enjoy!

*The following 2 publications are AF Publications and can be copied and distributed*

The Handbook of Essential Mathematics - Formulas, Processes and Tables; Plus Applications in Personal Finance

The Air Force Brain Booster Book - Puzzles, Patterns and Curios

Thanks to John Sparks who has provided the following work,  Calculus without Limits, to the WPAFB Educational Outreach Office.  Students and educators may freely copy and distribute this book for personal and classroom use with either author or WPAFB Educational Outreach source citation.

Add It Up!  With Magic Squares

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad X?

Design of Experiments

A Beautiful Game

Hit or Miss

Basic Terminal Ballistics

A Pythagorean Excursion: Ancient Geometry for Advanced Students

Probability Over Serbian Skies

Penny Antics - Statistics Workshop

Pythagoras, Trigonometry, and The Cell Phone

The Pythagorean Theorem - Crown Jewel of Mathematics

Other Information

On-Line Math Textbooks