Provide opportunities to inspire the next generation of STEM talent.


The premier program employing students from within the pipeline to enhance the nation's future STEM workforce.


The LEGACY program is three phases designed for students from 11 years old to completion of their bachelor's degree. LEGACY is intended to introduce STEM at a young age, continue growing students' interest in STEM, and eventually hire these students into a STEM driven Air Force career.

Phase 1: Craftsman is a free, STEM-inspired, hands-on camp for 11-15 year old students.

Phase 2: The Junior Apprentice phase is for high school students 16 years and older. Students work with mentors in Air Force facilities. In this phase, future investments are established and developed for STEM-discipline higher education.

Phase 3: Apprentice phase contains other college programs we plan to leverage in the Air Force.

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