Wizards of Wright is a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Educational Outreach Program.
WOW is a K-12 STEM Program.
Wizards are professionals in STEM fields that offer their expertise by visiting area classrooms to present Demonstrations and Hands-On Activities to help teachers meet STEM objectives in their Curriculum.

The WoW Program is free.
Our Wizards can talk with students about different career opportunities, in and out of the Air Force.

We are making many changes to the program as we move forward and include even more opportunities to affect area students.  Our program will include 3 Flights.

1. WOW Demos in the classroom.
Demos are being updated and refreshed, and matched to Ohio State Standards.

2. WOW on Wheels
Teachers are welcome to borrow materials from us for use in the classroom.  Items include anything from beakers and graduated cylinders to Wind Tunnels and Telescopes. 
Teachers may also borrow all the needed materials for a Demo, and present the Demo themselves.
Videos of Demos will be available. Teachers can use the videos to prep for a Wizard visit, to learn the Demo before borrowing the materials and presenting it themselves, or even use it as the classroom lesson showing it to their students and allowing the students to work on the activity along with the video.