2020-2021 Ohio Tournament Registration Information



Event Registration Overview
Advanced registration is required for all events by the stated deadlines. Ohio FTC, at its discretion, may accept registration requests after the registration period is closed. Tournaments have a limited capacity. Teams will either be placed on a registered list or a wait list based on the number of spots available. A tournament capacity may be adjusted at any time during the season by Ohio FTC. Registration for kick-off events, scrimmages and workshops may be requested. However, the registration process will be the responsibility of the local event organizer.

The system is not first-come, first-served. A random selection element will apply if there are more teams with same preference than places available at a tournament. The link will be emailed out to eligible teams and published on the wpafbstem.com website when available. Championship registration will be automatic based on the teams that advance from Qualifying Tournaments. Registration for late added teams will be worked on a case by case basis.

To register for an Ohio FTC Qualifying Tournament, please contact Brenda.

Tournament Registration Instructions

Tournament Fees, Due Dates & Payment Options

Tournament Registration Policies