2021-2022 Ohio Qualifying Tournaments



Ohio Specific Awards for the 2020-2021 Season

Team Spirit Award

Teams nominated for this award will have done an exceptional job this season building their brand and demonstrating high energy and team spirit throughout the FIRST community. For this season, teams and volunteers may nominate another team based on their observations of spirit and enthusiasm shown during an entire remote event period. Opportunities to show your team spirit include showcase videos, social media promotion, as well as when interacting remotely with volunteers and teams. You may not nominate your own team and submissions are due by midnight the Friday prior to the closing ceremony. Each Tournament Host will review submissions and make the final decision on the award winner.

Teams can submit their nominations for the Ohio Team Spirit Award here: 2020-2021 Ohio FTC Team Spirit Award Nomination Form (google.com)

Ohio Team Spirit Award Winners for 2021
OSU Scarlet & Gray Qualifier - 13020 – Golden Tiercelet
Walnut Hills Flying Pig Qualifier – 16749 – Team Potato
Van Wert COVID Classic Qualifier – 5040 – Nuts & Bolts
Wapakoneta Out of This World Qualifier – 4537 – DRSS Enterprise
Wright Flyer Qualifier – 6418 – NDCL Robotics
Kent State University Qualifier – N/A
The Jeff & Nancy Show Qualifier – 12653 – Robot Legion
Gem City II Qualifier – 16657 – We DID Start the Fire
Ohio Championship – 12013 – RoboBacon

Gracious Professionalism Award

Teams nominated for this award will have shown one or more exceptional acts of Gracious Professionalism (GP) at some point during the Ultimate Goal season. These acts of GP can be simple respectful gestures or extensive assistance to teams or other members of the community. Nothing is off limits as long as the act(s) is aligned with inclusion, kindness, respect and integrity. If your coach or team receives or witnesses an act of GP from an Ohio team, then please consider nominating the team for this award by filling out this form. To keep things fair, please refrain from nominating your own team or a sister team. Submissions are due by the last day of each month.

Two teams will be chosen as winners in each of the months of January, February, and March. Teams may be nominated more than once. The season winner will be announced at the 2021 OH Championship based on all nominations made between Jan 1 – April 30.

Teams can submit their nominations for the Ohio Gracious Professionalism Award here: 2020-2021 Ohio FTC Gracious Professionalism Award Nomination Form (google.com)

Ohio Gracious Professionalism Award Winners - Championship 2021
8581 - Ædificatores

Ohio Gracious Professionalism Award Winners for March 2021
14320 - The Antidote

Ohio Gracious Professionalism Award Winners for February 2021
16284 - 8 Bit Bandits
18386 - Parallax Robotics