Ohio Championship

Wright State Univeristy
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy #430
Dayton, OH 45324
February 2-3, 2019

FIRST LEGO League Championship Advancement

We have the following post-season invitations:

3 teams to FIRST LEGO League World Festival in Detroit Michigan April 24-27, 2019
2 teams to FIRST LEGO League Razorback Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas May 17-20, 2018
1 team to FIRST LEGO League LEGOLAND California International Open Carlsbad, CA May 18-20, 2018

Teams will be given an opportunity before the competition to rank their preference for these post-season competitions. Three Champion’s Award finalists will be selected using Champion’s Award criteria. One team will be named Champion and receive their first choice of post-season invitations. The two champion finalists will then receive an invitation to their highest choice that is still available. The next three teams will be selected by the judges using FIRST LEGO League’s Advancement Policy. The team ranked 4th will receive their highest choice that is still available. The team ranked 5th will then receive their highest choice that is still available or be offered their choice of the remaining invites. The 6th team will then be offered the remaining invite.

Ohio FIRST LEGO League Tournament Cancellation Policy

The 2018 Ohio FIRST LEGO League State Championship will only be canceled or delayed due to causes and conditions beyond the tournament organizers’ control, including, but not limited to, venue closures, Acts of God, government restrictions, and/or any other cause beyond the tournament organizers’ control.  In the event of inclement weather, the tournament will be canceled if Greene County is under a Level 3 Snow Emergency.  Please refer to local news and radio for current county advisories.  If the event must be canceled, it will not be rescheduled and a lottery will be held to determine advancing teams.