Team Resources

If you find a great website that you’d like to share, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


Robot Lockup form: use this on Bag and tag and keep with your robot for all competitions
Cost Accounting Worksheet (CAW) Template : you need to take a list of all materials used on your robot and the cost to inspection     
The Teaser for the new game                                              
The 2018 FIRST Power UP Game animation
2018 Game manual                                                            
Q&A system                                                                        
2018 kit of parts                                                                  
The 2018 virtual kit                                                               
2018 Downloadable content (DLC packs)                             
Encryption code - pLaY&4%R3aL!

Past Years resources: 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual - FIRST Steamworks
- The Steamworks game (you tube link)
- game manual (link whatever this has Game manual)
- 2017 kit of parts checklist    
- The 2017 virtual kit   
- 2017 Downloadable Content
2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Manual - FIRST Stronghold

Twitter and Facebook names

Credit Flex info
Ohio teams- you can apply for this- see info from team128 below.   PA and WV- We are still looking if there is a similar plan.   If you have any information- I’d love to distribute to the rest of the teams. 
For Ohio
See here for the actual language:
- all this will work for Ohio.   The link has three documents for Ohio FRC and FTC teams regarding Credit Flexibility.  At this link you will find:
*a letter explaining our program,
*a copy of our District's Credit Flex plan
*and a copy of Team 128's  specific objectives.

Interview Project
We got some great interviews in 2017.   
Highlights of the interview transcripts
End video high resolution
End video low resolution – might be great for promoting to your school or sponsors
Shorter video with introduction

Grant Opportunities

FIRST grants
NASA grants
Other grants

General FIRST Robotics Competition resources:  Mentor resources library link This is a great source for all sorts of information

Chief Delphi Website Lots of conversations threads from around the world. This website is maintained by Team 48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E. and has topics covering everything from the most basic introductory questions to incredibly advanced topics. If you have a question, someone on this world-wide forum will likely be able to help you.

National FIRST website

FRC Spyder App: Go to the Google Play Store.  It will give you real time scores and rankings at all official competitions as well as statistics.  It might be useful in alliance selection.

FIRST website:  There’s a ton of great info embedded in the gray menu on the left side of the page, including:

The Blue Alliance catalogs FIRST Robotics Competition webcasts, team information, and event results.
Streaming for the Buckeye Regional

Find out about the Steamworks game

Fundraising ideas:
#451 does a Lawn mower winterization fundraiser every year and are VERY successful with it.
#3511 sells ice cream and meat sticks before and after school (they sold 5000 sticks last year with 40c profit on each one!)
#4121 does a Night at the races - 1 one night affair for adults only, drinks served, people bet on really old horse races, team gets ½ the bet and the winners of the bet share the proceeds from the winnings. They say it’s pretty simple to pull off and these events often make 5-7k.
#291 does a Murder Mystery night:  you need people to act and wait the tables, but they have it all laid out and will even give you the scripts they use
#291 does a Golf outing:  sign up people, get the green fees partially donated, feed them a meal
#5418 does a sip and paint: 1 glass of wine, pay an art teacher to teach a class, have some appetizers and enjoy
#379 does a Trash and treasure- a giant garage sale, thing delivered day before, have one day of sale and donate what's left
#379  4-6 grade beach party: $5 to get in, sell hot dogs and chips, have music, limbo and hula hoop contests, 2 hours long (they make about 1300 a year)
#4991 does a Robot Rodeo:  set up an obstacle course and charge $1 to drive the robot around it. Give a prize for the fastest time.
Other ideas: 
Chipotle and will often do a fundraising night (usually you don't need to use coupons) Other restaurants will give a portion of proceeds from people having a flyer from you.


Resources from the workshops from the cd I’m trying to burn I’ll get them to you.

Links to other robotics programs in our region
                Pittsburgh FIRST
                NEOFRA (North East Ohio FIRST Robotics Association)

Twitter and Facebook names:   See the Local teams tab!