Videos and Webinars


Videos and webinars:

Chairmans by 2614 (sorry the beginning of this taping had a little bit of technical difficulty)
Outreach and planning by 291
Vision by 1986  
Vision slides   
Safety by 48 
Safety slides    
       robot inspection      
       eye care   
       fire extinquisher 
       Lock out tab    
       Mission statement 
       Safety workshop extras    

Videos of the 2016 workshops in Dayton and Cleveland  at the Education Outreach Channel
Or individual Dayton workshops 22 Oct 2016
                Judging by Skip Gridley
                Chairman’s by Monica Bravo 
                Team Organization by 4085
                Fundraising by 3138 Jon Potter
                Vision Processing by 4028
                Pneumatics by 1038 Paul George
                Scouting by 3138  Rob Miller 
                Drivetrains by 1014 Luke Johnson 

Or individual Cleveland Workshops  29 Oct 2016
               Judging by Chris Piztak 
               Chairmans by Monica Bravo
               Robot Design by 2252
               Finance and fundraising by 291 Mike Hayes
               How to continue the build with your robot in the bag by 120
               Strategy/Efficient and competitive design by 2399
               Pneumatics by 1248

Leadership Workshop #1 Advocacy and Branding from FIRST Washington: and

Leadership Workshop #2 Fundraising from FIRST Washington and

Team Branding from FIRST Washington follow this link

Pneumatics systems for FRC from 1038