Simple Machines: K'nex® Levers and Pulley's Kit

- Classroom set of 8 w/ teachers guide

Includes 178 colorful parts to make eight different replicas of real world simple machines. K'NEX Education sets let students build replicas of real-world machines to gain an understanding of the principles that make them work. Accommodates 2-3 students working as a team and appropriate for elementary classrooms in grades 3 through 5. K'NEX Education sets come with lesson plans and experiment guides written by educators that feature hands-on, inquiry-based projects. All teacher guides and experiment guides are aligned to national standards, including ITEEA, NSES, NCTM, NGSS and Common Core.

STEM Concepts: making work easier, mechanical advantage, effort arm, fulcrum, lever classes, pulley systems and more.

simple machines