Periodic Table Tiles

This hands-on set makes learning difficult chemistry concepts easier and interactive. Plastic tiles snap together to form a complete periodic table of the elements. The kit includes 6 complete sets that individuals or small groups can use. Each 1" x 1" color-coded tile is printed with the atomic number, atomic symbol, atomic weight, and electron ring configuration for each of the 118 elements. Additional tiles representing common elements are included enabling students to construct and balance equations for numerous elements and compounds. We’ve also enclosed a list of other activities you can use.  

We also offer Elemental Blocks that you can borrow for your students. This set of blocks contains the entire periodic table, and each block features six elements – the element’s name, atomic number and symbol. (See the WOW! on Wheels Educational Activities page.) 

The Helpful Tips button links you to the lesson ideas and activities we’ve put together for teaching about the Periodic Table. Copies will be included in the kit for your use.

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