Ozobots: Bits and Evos

This is a great way for students to begin learning about coding and programming. Ozobots are small robots that identify lines, and colors codes, drawn by the student. As it comes across a sequence of colors, it interprets the colors, and does what that block of color series translates to. For example, if the Ozobot sees a sequence of certain colors, it interprets the directional code and will turn the direction the student has mapped out. As it moves across a different sequence, it will read the speed code, and speed up or slow down. After your students master screen-free coding, they can begin to code online with Ozobot Blockly.

You can borrow Ozobot Bits or Evos. Both robots are easy to control and use. Bit is more suited for younger students or students just beginning to code. The Evo is a little bit more complex.

Our WOW! on Wheels kit comes with color code markers, and many activity and lesson suggestions. You can find even more ways to use Ozobots by visiting their website.

The Helpful Tips button links you to activity specifics. Copies will be included in the kit for your use.

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