Earth Science Rocks

We offer an Earth Science unit full of materials and hands-on activities. Your students can examine and document their observations with different rocks, minerals, and fossils. They can learn to sort rocks into the three main classifications, learn how those rocks formed, and better understand the rock cycle. All materials for these activities are included. We also have screen sieves that you can borrow – this will allow your students to separate soil and to determine the amount of clay, silt, and sand particles in the soil. 

You can also borrow our rock tumbler to teach students what happens to rocks and minerals during the weathering process. You’ll keep it for a 3-4 week period and use the raw rocks, grits, and polish included to show students the drastic and beautiful changes. 

The Helpful Tips button links you to the lesson ideas and activities we’ve put together for teaching about Geology and Earth Science. Copies will be included in the kit for your use.

earth science rocks earth science rocks