CBL 2 Data collection adapter with light, temperature, and voltage probes (compatible with the TI-84 calculators)

- Class set of 4
- Calculators and Vernier lab suggestions, and additional Vernier probes are also available

The CBL 2™ system is a portable, handheld, battery-operated data collection device for gathering real-world data. Data collected with a CBL 2™ device can be retrieved and analyzed by TI graphing calculators. With the CBL 2™ and provided sensors, you can measure temperature, light, and voltage. Over 50 sensors from TI and Vernier Software & Technology are available making the CBL 2™ data collection device ideal for middle school math, science, biology, chemistry, physics and high school math. Students discover how math and science affect the world around them by developing hypotheses, conducting experiments and forming conclusions.