MythBusters Season One: Explosive Decompression, Sinking Titanic, Breakstep Bridge, Buried in Concrete

Can a bullet cause explosive decompression and tear a plane apart?
Can a car's rear axle be ripped away by a steel cable tied to it and a lamppost?
Will a bullet used as a fuse in a vehicle work and then will it fire?
Could the sinking Titanic literally suck a person down with it?
Does a goldfish's memory only last for 3 seconds?
Can explosives packed in a trombone cause the slide to rocket off it?
Can a marching battalion take down a bridge?
How many bacteria reside on a toothbrush?
Is it possible to water ski behind a rowing eight?
Is Jimmy Hoffa buried under Giants Stadium?
Can the venom from a daddy long-legs kill a human?
Can a jet engine launch a taxi into the air?