Engineers Can Do Anything! An Inspirational guide into the world of engineering careers

Anyone who is interested in becoming an engineer should watch this DVD because it will open doors and spark imagination. See engineering in a new and fascinating light from competition battlefields to summer camps to intriguing new career possibilities. Infused with the music of Geek Rhythms and narrated by award winning author Celeste Baine, this DVD is sure to deliver the facts about engineering careers in a fun, motivating and engaging way. Engineers Can Do Anything! will change the way you see engineering and show you how engineers are involved in every segment of society. Yes, some people have always known that they wanted to be an engineer. But not everyone knows that engineers design everything. Not everyone knows that an engineering degree can help you follow your dreams. Parents and guidance counselors may not even know all the things that an engineer can do. This DVD provides insight into the world of engineering for anyone who wants to be inspired but doesn’t know how to start, have time to start, or doesn’t want to sift through the maze of engineering career websites and literature.